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Local Feature Submission

Step One: Pick A Local Business You Love

Pick a local business you want to feature  this month, don’t overthink  it we can make any local business work. You can also feature local entrepreneurs, artists, teachers, etc. Basically, pick an entity within your community that you would like to feature.

Step Two: I Need Media About Them

The best way to showcase them is to spend money with them,  buy a product or pay for their services. If you’re featuring a local artist, teacher, etc,  then take a photo of yourself  with them and  their artwork, or a photo of them in their classroom, etc. The key here  is an authentic photo or video that you take yourself, so that it’s unique and not already used elsewhere online.

Step Three: Tell Me Why

Why did you choose them? What is their story? Why do you love them? What do they  do for their community? Why will (or why should) other people love them? Don’t skimp on the details, this is how I will create your post!

Step Four: Complete The Form Submission

Please completely fill out the form on this page. Include the images of yourself and them, and images of their artwork or products etc.  Please include an image of  their logo,  and don’t forget to snag their facebook page url and website url, as well as fill out the section explaining why you chose them.