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Ryar Hayward

Division President

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Ryar Hayward

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5% Down Interim/Perm

Construction Financing


Construction Loan


640 Minimum Credit Score


45% Maximum DTI


LTV ≤ 95%

Income, Asset, & Credit Requirements Per Agency & AUS

From start to finish everything happens in-house; processing, underwriting, and funding. We are a direct lender to Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae, and Ginnie Mae.




We Are Ready To Help!




We Are Ready To Help!

The Ryar Team

Grand Junction, Colorado

Ryar Hayward

Ryar Hayward

Division President

NMLS # 11674
Direct: 970.257.1500
Mobile: 970.270.7949

Michael Harris

Michael Harris

Loan Officer

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Grand Junction Loan Officer | Ryar Hayward | Major Mortgage

Garrett Harrison

Loan Officer

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Rick Grassi

Loan Officer

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Mobile: 832.250.4500

Grand Junction Loan Officer | Ryar Hayward | Major Mortgage

Julia Graddy

Loan Processor

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Roadmap To Your New Home Loan

Step One: Pre-Qualification

We will have you fill out an application on our website. This will allow us to pull credit. We will also collect income and asset documentation to make sure you have a solid pre-qualification. Once you are pre-qualified, we can give you an idea of the price range of house you can afford, so that you can start house shopping!

Step Two: House Shopping

Once you have been pre-qualified, you can contact your agent or realtor and start shopping for houses you like in the range you can afford. Once you find a house you want, you will make an offer and we will begin the process of setting up your loan.

Step Three: Setup and Processing

Once your loan moves to processing we will be updating and verifying all of the information you provided to us at pre-qualification. We will also order and appraisal, title work and insurance for your property. Keep an eye out for communications from us so that you can help us make the process faster. Processing will analyze your situation and prepare your loan for Underwriting.

Step Four: Underwriting

Once your loan has made it through processing it will move to our Underwriting Department. Underwriting will review your loan and all documentation to verify that it meets all guidelines and make sure everything is in the clear for closing.

Step Five: Closing

You will receive closing instructions with the day, time, and location of your closing. You will also receive a Closing Disclosure 3 days before you loan closing date that you will need to sign so keep a look out for it.

Step Six: You’re A Homeowner!

Congratulations! You’re A New Homeowner!

Mortgage Calculator

Documents You’ll Need To Get Started

30 Days Most Recent Pay Stubs

We use this to make sure we have an accurate income calculation upfront and to speed up your approval process.

Driver’s License and Social Security Card

Required for all loans as part of the patriot act.

Copy Of Mortgage Statement For All Properties Owned

We need these for all properties you own so that we know which loans go with which properties.

Previous 2 Years W-2s or 1099s

We use this to make sure we have an accurate income calculation upfront and to speed up your approval process.

Homeowner’s Insurance Agent Name and Phone Number

Please provide us with the name and phone number for your agent.  We can give referrals if needed.

Copy Of Most Recent Two Years Tax Returns

If you’re self-employed, have rental property, or certain types of dividend, or retirement income we may have to ask you for a copy of your tax returns.  This would also include business tax returns for self-employed borrowers.


Office: 970.257.1500
Mobile: 970.270.7949
Email: ryar@majormtg.com

2474 Patterson Rd #200
Grand Junction, CO 81505

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